Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forums

Nothing really funny happened, but we did open the forums up to the public this week. I just picked that title because I have to pick a title for every post and it's not always easy to come up with something clever that really pertains to the subject at hand. Anyways, not really the point is it...

We got a fair bit done this week. As I said the forums are up and open to the public. Already we're getting feedback and game requests which is awesome. The more communication there is between us and all the others fans (yes, we're fans too you know.) the more we can improve things.

We also got a few more pages recoded. The upgrade, credit card edit and cancel pages all work like they're supposed to now. (At least they seemed to in my tests. There is NO need for anyone to test the cancel page. We'll just run with the idea that it works, lol) We just have a handful of pages left in the re-coding queue and then we can move on to add a few new pages.

I plan to add a “Most Popular” page where people can see what's been played the most. I also plan to a “Free Sampler” page where people can browse the free samples we offer from the full system from the web site as well as from the CC Browser. In addition to all this goodness I hope to add a “Home Brew” page that lists all the home brew games we offer. All of these should add a little more functionality to the site. (I know I mentioned a lot of this on the forums, but not everybody goes to the forums!)

If you would like to visit the forums they are here:

You'll get a lot more “up to the minute” news there than you will here or in the site news.

That puts me in mind of our new Wiki pages. So far the response hasn't been overwhelming. I think my little wikiclassix button has much to desired. People simply aren't clicking it. The wiki could be a real resource for us and for the other fans, but only if we get info up. Still, it hasn't been up long. People will get used to the idea and things will start to move along.

Anyways, that's it for the moment. Lord willing, this is going to be a great week and I'll have more to talk about soon.

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