Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Old Atari

So, early last week I got an e-mail from Josh Pendrick. He's a Social Media manager over at Atari. He wanted to know if Console Classix would be interested in promoting up and coming Atari products that our fan base might be interested in. My answer, in a word, was:


Of course Console Classix will promote new “classics” that are just about to come out. Needless to say we're huge Atari fans. (Don't bother mentioning how many times the company has changed hands, I know, I know. Not my point!) I don't know how many Atari products I own personally. We'll just run with “A lot” for now. We love Atari past, present and (I hope and believe) future.

Now a week went by before Josh said anymore to me. However, when he got back with me he did, indeed, have a couple of interesting news items to share.

First, a new version of Warlords is due to come out this Summer. That was a personal favorite of mine. Me and one of my childhood friends would play it for hours at the time. Josh gave me a link where you can get a bit more information about it. This is it:


Now, I haven't gotten to play it yet (cough, cough), but it looks great. My only hope is that it maintains the feel of the original even with all the new bells and whistles. I may very well do a review of it after it comes out. Until then, go check out the site.

In other up and coming awesomeness news, a new version of Yar's Revenge is also under way. If you've never played the original go give it a whirl:

Yar's Revenge

I don't have any more information yet, but I am supposed to get some soon. I'll comment on this post with the URL as soon as I get it.

I would also advise you to go by Atari's website. They actually have a number of rebuilt 2600 games up. You can play them here:

Play Atari

All in all Atari has a lot going on for the retro-gamer. I am going to have to keep a closer eye on them in the future. If I get any more information or actual play experience (cough...) with these up and coming titles I'll be sure to let you guys know.

In a final note we may be getting a little Atari swag to give out. If we do we'll almost certainly contest it away in one way or another.

Have fun and good gaming!


  1. Lol. I am hoping Josh will send that link some time today. I want to take a look at the thing.

  2. Man, thats so awesome, and those titles would work great on my arcade machine! Reboot classics are awesome (when done well)! =D

  3. I totally agree. I hope to get a chance to play and review them. A lot of times companies miss the mark when they redo classics. I think all of them should come with a real "classic" mode where you can play the game exactly as it was only with better graphics and sound.