Sunday, March 13, 2011

An End To Code

My title could have been “An End To Re-Code” because it's the recoding of the site that's actually done. Thank the Lord! It's been six weeks (or so) well spent, but I'm glad to have it behind me. Now the site looks better and, more importantly, works better. We hope that this will lead more people to sign-up simply because the site won't look broken if they happen to browse by using Firefox.

Now, that the great re-code is over we're going to be able to add a few pages. In fact, we've already added a “Free Sample” page that duplicates the features of the “Free Sampler” button within the CC Browser. We also started collecting the game use data in a database. We intend to use that to build a “Most Popular” page next week. We've got a few other little additions in mind as well.

One of the big advantages of the re-code is that we can now make changes more easily. If we get a new page suggestion or a suggestion to add a feature to a page we can fill that request much more quickly than we could have in the past.

We want to handle requests as quickly as possible. All kinds of requests: New games, new features, website changes, etc. One of our current weaknesses is that we are seriously understaffed. We have a great deal to do each week and we don't have enough hands to do it. Changes that increase our efficiency, like the changes we just made to the site, are good for everyone.

If any of you have suggestions or requests to make we'd love to hear them. Just sign-up for the forums and let us know what you're thinking.

Console Classix Forums

The more feedback we get the more good changes we can make.

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