Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fix Up The Old And Break Out The New

This week we got a good bit done. We added pages to list the most popular games and home brew games. We also added a way to list games by publisher and by release year. I think the new additions really add a bit to the site. We also fixed (I hope) the Facebook status updater. Our fans should begin to see more and more “So and so is playing such and such at CC” messages. Lord willing, this will bring in more traffic.

We also ordered some parts for a new NES reader I intend to build. We will still have to pull the chips off the boards, but if it works we'll be able to read NES ROMS with the Retrode. That will save us a great deal of time and energy. Plus, we should be able to use the same setup to read GB/GBC games. (We will still need special adapters, but we own most of what we would need.)

In addition to all this we got a few of the requested games up and running. I want us to get more, but we have to work it into the budget. Some of the games requested were a little more pricey than your run of the mill cart. Still, what we got up was good and we're going to try to get more as soon as we can.

There is now a “Development” post on the forums. I opened it up by giving a brief explanation on reading ROM chips. I intend to fill out that information bit by bit and provide more technical data about what it is I'm currently working on. In the long run we're also wanting to setup a “Media” section and I may make some video of me building adapters and what not.

All in all last week was a good week. I hope we make even more progress this week.

For those of you who have requests or questions remember that you can post them on the forums:

Console Classix Forums

That's it for now. Have fun and good gaming!


  1. Sweet! Glad to see the site is still developing!

  2. Inch by inch it's getting better and better. Just keep an eye on us :)