Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a Week

So, last week I put in close to 60 hours. I actually stopped keeping count as time rolled by, but 60 is a close guess. What was I doing you ask? Working on the website. Working hard on the website. Working long on the website....

I managed to recode the index page and the game info pages so they work better on Firefox and Chrome. I also fixed a load of validation errors and actually made a small change to the login scripting. I have to list all these things because you'll never be able to see them. The biggest change you might actually notice is that the font is changed. Still, we are hoping all this work will payoff in traffic and, as I've explained a few times now, that helps everybody.

I am going to keep up the work this week and try to work through the rest of the site. Once all the code is up to date we plan to add a couple more features. First, I think we are going to make new user “Enable Web Launch” before they can start actually loading games from the webpage itself. We have user who sign up, but never download the client. So, when they try to launch a game they get an error. This confuses them and most wander away back into Internet space never to be heard from by us again. We are also planning to convert the game info pages to a Wiki format so we can start getting more actual information up an the site. When we do that we are going to need a few volunteer moderators (Brian, I'm looking at you.)

It's going to take a while to get that rolled out because I've got so much else going on, but we are getting there step by step. Lord willing, we are really going to see things pick up soon and then we'll be able to get a few more full time staffers.

In any event. It was a busy week and it looks like this week is going to be plenty busy as well!


  1. I'd be happy to help moderate wiki pages, or a forum, or whatever you'd like. Glad to be able to lend a hand.

  2. Thanks! It's probably going to be a few weeks, but we are working away. I think the wiki format will really help us get info up.