Monday, April 18, 2011

Win A Copy Of Yar's Revenge

Atari has generously given us a copy of Yar's Revenge to give out to their adoring public! The copy we have for the Xbox 360 and we're going to give it away this Friday. We're doing this as a contest, but since we only have one copy we are just going to select the winner randomly from the correct responses. So:

How to enter?

Just reply to this post with the first Atari 2600 game you ever played or your favorite Atari 2600 memory.

For instance: My favorite Atari 2600 memory was playing Adventure when I was six of seven years old. I would go down to my Aunt and Uncles and play Atari for hours with my cousin.

I was going to also say that the first Atari game I played was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but it couldn't have been. That game wasn't released for the 2600. I was four years old and my memory is sketchy that far back. I'm going to have to go through all the 2600 games released before 1981 and figure out what game I was actually playing....

Anyways, not the point. Just reply with a game or a memory. We'll random up a winner Friday morning and e-mail the code out as soon as we have the winner's email address. (You may want to put your CC username in the reply.)

Speaking of which... Taylor, we still owe you a gift card. I am waiting on your address. The card is just sitting there in my drawer man...

Good luck everyone!


  1. I don't remember a whole lot about the Atari, but I liked Q-Bert.

  2. btw I don't have a 360 so feel free to give it to someone else...I just wanted to share my memory

  3. I also don't have a 360 so don't draw my name, but my first atari memory:

    I was probably about 4 years old. We had just gotten adventure, and my dad let me play. I ran my dot into the gold key on the first screen (playing level 1 of course), and it stuck to me. I thought it was a horse instead of a key, and spent the next few minutes whining "get off me horse!"...I couldn't figure out how to get that horse to go away.

  4. I'm not sure of my first memory, but playing two games at a friends house comes to mind. Kool-Aid Man and Frankenstein. For some weird reason, I loved to play both!

  5. Nathan made me crack up there.

    I'm not eligible, being pseudo-staff, but I can recall playing setting "Outlaw" on two-player mode, plugging in two joysticks, and just having the two pixelated cowboys standing right in front out each other, taking turns shooting one another.

    Looking back, I don't know what I didn't just play the game on one-player mode, but I was like 5 or 6, so who knows?

  6. back in middel school every few days we had a atari party in math class we would challange each outher to astroids,froger,ms pacman, man those were the days

  7. What school did you got to? Lol, it must have been great!