Monday, April 4, 2011

The Quick And The Lucky

So, I've decided to have another little contest here on my blog. Why? Why not?! Everybody likes a good contest. It's a chance to show off your quick wit or mad luck skills.

Let's start with the rules: No cheating! How you would cheat in this particular contest I have no idea, but if you find a way you're on your honor not to do it! None of the CC family can participate (sorry guys). The first person to chime in with a correct response (there are a number of possible correct responses) wins a prize. At the end of the contest we are also going to randomly select one of the other correct responses and give a prize to the person who posted it. You can only post one response, if you post more than one only the first one will count and other people can take any additional responses you posted.

What are the prizes? Both the the first correct poster and the randomly selected correct poster are going to get a $25 Amazon gift card. (Don't tell me there isn't something you want from Amazon, they offer almost everything.)

When is it? Right now! You have from the time I post this, Monday April 4th 2011, until this Friday April 8th 2011, to enter the contest.

What is the contest? I'm glad you asked that, so I am. You just have to post a name in response to this post. What name you ask? Ahhh, that's the contest. Let me explain:

The four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are named with a running theme. You have to come up with a name for a fifth turtle whose name is related to the other four in the same way that they are related to each other. Find the common threat and expound on it, as it were. Now, some of you may think this is too easy. For those of you who want to make it more challenging you can force yourself to post only using a cell-phone with internet access while standing on your head in some public area (a state park for instance.) The rest of you can just post your submission here as a comment.

So, have fun and good luck!

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  1. That was crazy fast! You were camping it, lol.

  2. The fifth turtle is Ghiberti.

  3. Masaccio. The name actualy sounds like it could be a Ninja Turtle.

  4. The fifth turtle? Vincent (Van Gogh, of course)

  5. We're going to have enough names for an entire clan of turtles, lol.

  6. So many possibilities, there's Domenico, Andrea, Titian, Giorgione, Botticelli. Titian and Giorgione are a duo (necessitating a 6th turtle), so their out. Andrea is perceived by many non-Italians as a female name, you made no mention of the 4th turtle being male or female (I'll return to that eventually) but I'm going to rule it out. Domenico starts with a D, can't had two D names so he's out. Botticelli, hmm, whats the americanism of his name? The other turtles can go by Mike, Ralph, Leo, and Donny. What would you call him? Bot? Andrea could go by Andy I suppose.
    The heck with all that, rvery true TMNT fan knows the _real_ 5th turtle is Venus de Milo. Google it!

  7. LOL! That was great, even if you did fire off a few extra possibilities. A female turtle would be an interesting addition. Then we could come up with names for the first few generations.

  8. How about Machiavelli? Kind of sinister but if he is the 5th unknown turtle hes has to have some rouge in him right?

  9. That would a great anti-turtle name or something! I like it!

  10. So, our official submissions were:

    Botticelli - Nathan Tolbert
    Ghiberti - ppd2
    Masaccio - Coolsonh
    Vincent (Van Gogh) - dayallencrey25
    Venus de Milo - Zerothis
    Machiavelli – taylor

    Now Brian Farmer pointed out on our forums:

    “1) Just about everyone's missing the fact that Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello were the first names of those renaissance artists, not the last names or nicknames, as are being suggested.

    2) All of these four were just as famous--and in some cases, more so--for other forms of art than painting. Donatello and Michelangelo are best known for sculpture, and Raphael was a master architect, as well.

    3) The idea of fitting in the "Americanization" of the names is a good idea, too.

    Based on the above, it surprises me that no one's suggested "Benvenuto" (Cellini). He was a leading goldsmith and sculptor, an author, and a composer. Plus, Benvenuto shortens and "Americanizes" to "Ben" quite easily. “

    and he makes some good points. However, I'm not so picky. For instance Machiavelli may not have been a painter, but he was certainly Italian and involved in the renaissance. I also don't believe anyone can question the fact that the Venus de Milo was involved in the art scene (besides, the turtles need a woman.)

    As as result of my rather liberal views on riddle solving and naming conventions I declare that all the entries are valid. Now for the results!

    Nathan Tolbert was unquestionably the “Quick” in our little contest. He answered correctly roughly twenty minutes after I posted.

    As for the “Lucky,” that plum goes to taylor's submission of the dark turtle “Machiavelli”. His number quite literally came up. (Does that say something about the balance of the light and dark sides?)

    I enjoyed this a great deal and I plan to kick off another contest soon. I won't give you the exact date, but I will say I plan on doing it in April, so that should give you some idea.

    Nathan and taylor I need your address info. Please send an e-mail to so I can get your prizes sent out.

    Once again thanks for you participation and congratulations to the Quick and the Lucky!