Monday, April 25, 2011

Make Us Laugh And Get a Gift Card

We've decided to run another little contest this week in order to wrap April up on a winning note. Once again it's “Caption the Screenshot” bum, bum, bummmmm! The rules are simple enough, post a caption for the screenshot below as a comment. We, the staff of Console Classix, will pick the one we think is funniest and award them the prize for exemplary humor. What is the prize? A $25 Amazon gift card! Now, you may be saying to yourself “Wasn't that the same prize they offered a couple of weeks ago?” Well, yea, it is. So, what? You gotta problem with Amazon? Alright then! Caption the screenshot!

As usual, we're going to wrap the contest up on Friday. So make sure you post your caption before Friday morning!

Without further adieu here is the screenshot:


  1. Last nite i shot an elephant in my pajamas.

    What he we doing in my pajamas i don't know.

  2. Sigh, when will she learn that she can't fit through green inner tubes? I don't think I'm gonna hurry this time....

  3. "The beginning of the first back door child birth"

  4. In this exciting and challenging game from Console Classix, you must defeat all 100 of the White Snakes of Doom to free Linda. But be careful! Linda's bladder doesn't have an infinite capacity. Can you help her reach the bathroom in time?

  5. "last nite i found a girl trapped a girl in my pajamas, what she was doing in them i don't know."