Friday, May 21, 2010

More Games

This was an exciting week game-wise. We added five new titles to the TG-16 Beta. They were as follows: Dungeon Explorer, Galaga 90, Neutopia, Ninja Spirit and Vigilante. We are getting closer and closer to an actual launch. I want to have twenty titles and enough copies to go around before we make it public. Lord willing, we'll have gotten what we need together by the end of the month.

We also put up our first new N64 games since launch. I plan to start putting them up a little more regularly. We may have to slow down on the GBA for a while. We're going to do our best to increase the total number of games we're putting up. Like so many things in life we have to priorities. Still, inch by inch we're getting better and better.

Mathias sent me a few new revisions of the firmware for the Retrode this week. He has greatly improved his TG-16 support. It works as is, but he keeps making it better and better. Any of you serious collectors out there need to check the Retrode out. He has only made a limited number so far. On top of working great they are going to be serious collectors items in time.

So much for this week! Everyone have a great weekend!

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