Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost There

We have the last of the games for the TG-16 launched purchased and they should be here soon. The last five games we intend to put up before launch are: Aero Blasters, Air Zonk, Devil's Crush, Neutopia 2 and Parasol Stars. That will bring the total up to twenty. It's a small launch, but the original TG-16 only had a little over one hundred titles in the US, so it's still a good percentage of the total. I hope to have everything put together and launch the first Monday in June. That being the 7th.

Once it's out there I want to start putting up TG-16 and N64 games at least once a month. We have got to get ourselves in a position where we can start adding more games more quickly. We ran into some unexpected expenses this month and it put us back a bit. Lord willing, June will be different.

There wasn't much news this week I admit. I ended up out of the office most of the week. Hopefully I will have more news next week, lol.

Everyone have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. My amazement is how fast you are putting out these emulators! (after looking through the archive) I bet you could have a PS beta by July! Keep up the great work!