Friday, February 8, 2013

The weeks pass quickly by...

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you get to Friday and think “Did I do anything this week? If I did I don't remember what it was...” Of course you have! We all have (OK, so you haven't, I'm not talking to you then, just all the rest of us). Well, it was on of those weeks for me. I actually had to go back through my e-mail to figure out what had happened this week.

Before I go into it I want to say that the Console Classix quest moves forward. There have been updates, a few posts and some technical site changes. There is a lot more on the way, but day by day it makes progress. (We can give a big e-hand to the people making it happen.)

For my own part it was a wild and brain numbing week. First, I started off by waking up at 3AM Sunday night/Monday morning and not begin able to go back to sleep. I decided to come down and do a little work on the procedural terrain generator for Worlds of Magic. (I would post a video about it, but apparently I'm supposed to keep a lid on things until they're “ready”.) It went very well and by the time I would normally be getting up (6AM) I had basically banged out the technical issue I had. It's a simple diamond-square noise generator combined with Unity3D's ability to create 2D planes almost a the speed of thought. It's actually very interesting stuff for us tech-heads.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent working on a tentative spell list for the game. That may seem like a long time to spend sorting through spells, but there are 173 in the base set. By the game's release there are probably going to be somewhere between 250 and 300. It makes the mind go numb after a while. Still, I'm hoping it will become a magic/spell system people will get excited about. It's worth all the effort.

Yesterday was spent re-tweaking the “tile” creation part of the terrain generator. Between myself, the producer and the artist (mainly me) I got the system in my head wrong and the generator kept spitting out unaesthetic terrains. In the end I got it and learned a bit about that end of game development.

Today I am working on information dissemination. After I post this I have to work on a number of forum posts explaining the very basics of the game mechanics. The forums aren't open to the public yet, but I have to get some of this information up so when we do open the forums people will be able to very quickly figure out how the game is going to work.

That's enough for today I suppose. I have a lot to do and less time to do it in, lol.

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