Monday, July 26, 2010

Short Vacation

Those of you who are good enough to keep up with what's going on with CC may have noticed that things have been quiet the last couple of weeks. The reason for that is simple: we were on vacation. Shouldn't I have said something before we went? Yes, of course, I should have. However, I was exhausted and I just didn't get it done before it was time to take a break.

Now we're back at work. We have a number of little things that we are going to be taking care of, but most of them aren't very interesting. That having been said you guys have probably seen that we have put up some more N64 games. Expect more of those as well as new TG-16 games.

That's enough for the moment. I just wanted to let you guys know that we're back on the job!


  1. Hope the vacation was a good one! You certainly deserved it!

    As to little things to take care of, anymore insight into that controller issue with Gens?

  2. Not yet. I'm going to have to do that soon... So much time , so little to do. Wait, strike that, reverse it.

  3. Haven't seen a new blog post in awhile. Must either be plenty going on or not much going on, I suppose. :-)

  4. Hey Araon, I was wondering, and forgive my bluntness, is your site really, truly, completely legal? I love it, but I posted some questions about backing up ROMs, and found there is no way to do so legally. Here's the thread:

    If you can prove somehow, the site is legal, I will totally sign up for at least a year subscription. But, since even nintendo hasnt released games like earthbound, and if making a ROM copy is illegal even using something like a retrode; i've come to doubt it. I'm sorry if this rains on your parade or anything, but I'd like to know for sure.

  5. Nevermind Aaron, I just read your letter to nintendo of america, and gosh am I impressed! I also read your Christmas post on your other website, and can see where some of your convictions about ROM gaming came from. All I can say is, you're awesome! I'll be subscribing to consoleclassix as soon as I can. God Bless!

    Could I have any information on generic eprom readers used to backup? i'd like to preserve some of my personal games, but if thats something you'd not like to share because of your site, i understand.

  6. Klassclown I would be glad to get you that information. I have abviously not been keeping up with this blog. I plan to get back on it soon. Honestly, I'm going to be putting a but more effort into it!

  7. Great! Sometime could you shoot me an email at or The 1st one I've had since I was like 7, but nevertheless its my main one since its what everyone remebers ;D

    I've still struggled with my descion on whether to back up and emulate or not. I bought your service, which I think is an awesome solution, but idk, playing metroid and mother 3 on my psp seems so awesome! Just cases like JS&A vs Atari and EULAS get in the way. Its such a grey area, I wonder if its right or not. ;)

    Anyway, thanks! I'd love to know what brought you to this descion, and what devices you use as "generic eprom readers!" Thanks for you response, God Bless man!

  8. I'll try to shoot you an e-mail in just a few minutes.