Monday, March 1, 2010

A Thousand Words

Don't worry, there aren't really a thousand words in this post. The title concerns the old saying “A picture's worth a thousand words.” You see we've decided to have a little contest. Why? Why not? It will be something we can look back on and feel “Well, that was a bit of fun!” If everyone gets into the spirit of the thing we may start doing it fairly regularly.

This first one is simply a “Caption the Screen Shot” contest. We want everyone to be able to compete and I want to laugh until I cry. So, that having been said take a look at the screen shot below. Now, it's important to note that we didn't take this shot just for the contest. No, that beauty has been on our site for years. Who took it? I don't know... Oh, I have some suspicions, but so many people have taken screen shots for the site that I can't be sure.

It says a lot about fair play and what not doesn't it. In any event, all you guys have to do is caption it. We, the humble, but official, CC Staff will vote on the one that we laughed at the most. Whoever manages to get us closest to crying wins.

Now, I've left something out... Oh yes, the prize. Well, it's a small contest. Shouldn't be too hard to walk away with the prize. Still, it should be something that anyone could use. How about a ten dollar gift card from Yea, that sounds good to me. Kind of a “Picture's Worth a Thousand Pennies” kind of thing. I plan to wrap it up and announce a winner this Friday.

So in short:

Give the screen shot a funny caption

$10 Amazon gift card

Simple enough. Come on guys, make me laugh!


  1. Where do we submit the captions? Do we simply reply here, or what?

  2. Just reply right here. I figured it was the easiest way for everyone to see it and get a laugh.

  3. "I've seen you burn `em before.
    Fire and Ice--
    You come on like a flame,
    Then you turn a cold shoulder."

    Thank you, Pat Benatar! :-)

  4. Jerry Lee Lewis travels to the future into the world of Kombat to get the inspiration for his biggest musical hit.

    Goodness! Gracious!. Great......