Friday, January 29, 2010

What's all this then?

For those of you who may not know I am the president of Console Classix. If you don't know what Console Classix is I am surprised you're reading this. Still, I'll take a moment to explain. Console Classix is an online company that focuses on offering classic console games for play on home computers across the Internet. I would suggest going to and taking a look. I any event, we'll get started now.

I've been under pressure by a number of friends for a number of years to start blogging about what's happening with Console Classix. It may seem hard to believe that a person as involved as I am in cutting edge technology would constantly resist what's hip and new and now. However, it's easy to understand when you think about the fact that I am the president of what is possibly now (and I feel certain will be in the future) the greatest classic gaming preservation company in the world.

I don't live in the past, but I do love it. As I sit here writing this I am listening to music from the 80s as I do almost every work day. (In truth I also listen to music from the 70s, 60s and 50s, and select modern music, but the 80s is my big deal.) I'm a classic kind of guy really. I read old books, I watch old TV, etc. It's not that I feel being old gives something value it's that I live a “classic” life. I consider myself a collector of the best the ages have to offer. Video games are actually only a small part of that. A very dear part, but a small one none the less.

Classics are created all the time and only the effects of time can show us what is truly classic. When you look over a certain period of time and pull out the best that age had to offer you are always going to come up with something awesome. The Iliad is unarguably a classic and so is The Lord of the Rings. There is no age that can claim it was more “classic” than any other. Every day has it's own classics. The passage of time shows us where they are.

I have been asked many times why I started Console Classix. This is the answer in short: I saw a need and decided to fill it. I wanted to play many of the NES games I had once owned, but had since lost. I was grown, married and had two children before I felt the longing to play The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy again. However, once I felt that draw it pulled at me a great deal. These games were connections to my childhood. I wanted to enjoy them and offer them to my children to enjoy.

Now many of you reading this (If there are many of you...) are probably asking yourselves why I didn't just play what was out there rather than starting my own company. The legal issue was what bothered me. I didn't feel it was right to illegally copy a game. Although many would laugh because it seems to be a victim-less crime, I felt it was wrong and I still do. Plus, of course, you can look at the results. Few, if any, of the illegal ROM sites that were up when Console Classix opened are still around. We have weathered the years well and, Lord willing, will be here for years to come.

I wanted to offer the games of the past to the public at a reasonable price in a legal format. That is just what we have done. Because of the way we went about it we are still here and still growing. That's a good thing, because as I mentioned before classics are being born everyday. We are here to preserve them now and I hope we will be here to preserve them in twenty years time. That is what Console Classix is all about, saving the great games of the past for the enjoyment of the future. The latest LOZ is great, but we keep the memory of where it all began alive. We even manage to do it at a very low cost! (In fact you can play the original LOZ for free.)

I supposed that's enough for a first blog. Although I may have rambled a bit I have, at least, explained why Console Classix is here. I plan to start updating this blog every Friday, so if you're interested in what is currently going on with Console Classix come check it out.


  1. Good stuff, Aaron! I, for one, not only appreciate the availability of Console Classix, but also the fact that you've hit upon a way of sharing these classic games in a way that's legally compliant. Looking forward to what's to come in the future!

  2. What a classic games... I love it... I always wanted to know if ever any able to addication Turbo Grifx 16 games into console classix ?

  3. Glad you're being more personal with your fanbase.